Ctex Textile Machines for all Applications
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Harry Lucas

SRS - Elastic yarn covering machines for fine, medium and coarse elastic and rubber yarns Also Bobbin Winders and ancillary machines for the covered yarn process. Also spare parts and Service for other Elastic Yarn covering machines.

Mageba - Family company now into the third generation with a complete Narrow Fabric programme from Warping and preparation, Narrow fabric looms, Jacquard Looms and Shuttle looms.
Continuous Dyeing and Finishing for rigid and elastic narrow fabrics and webbing such as seat belts.
Heatsetting and Thermosols for sling webs, impregnation and fixation machines for braided ropes.
Shrinkage and Steaming for Medical Bandages and other narrow fabrics.
PVC and silicone coating.
Technical and Medical.
Narrow Fabric Winding, Rolling, Festooning and Inspection Machines.
Calenders for woven labels.
Special machines to custom design.
Harry Lucas

Harry Lucas - A third generation family company. A complete range of circular knitting machines from ½ inch - 32 inch single & double jersey and circular warp knit for Textile and Wire.
Used in tubular bandages knitted filters, netting, glass fibre and insulation sleeves, knit – de-knit, wire knitting, hose reinforcement knitting, knit braiders, flat tape knitting machines.
Machines with Jacquards.
Spiral machines for hose, packing braiders.
Special machines for technical and medical, spacer fabrics.

COMETA - Italy have being manufacturing high quality crochet knitting machines for over 21 years , and were first to produce electronic machines.
Crochet knitting machines are used to produce a wide range of products such as elastic laces and tapes, lingerie elastics, bandages, medical fabrics, fringe and trimmings, technical fabrics, netting, fancy yarns.

Electronic crochet machines to produce more complex lace and technical fabrics.

Double Needle Bed Warp Knitting Machines produce Technical, Medical and knitted Spacer Fabrics and fashion scarves.

Compound needle crochet knitting machines for Medical and Technical fabrics.

Cometa also produce other machines for Twisting Gimp Yarns, Fringe, Trimmings and cords.

Cometas strength is tenacity in advancing our commitment, optimizing the quality / price ratio, to satisfy customer requests with special applications due to the few machine manufactures able to develop new technologies to cope with the increasing customer's demand about new articles and novelties. In addition, Cometa guarantee the machines are 100% made in Italy.

Besoke special application crochet machines are Cometas strength.

Fibrescan - For the latest state of art narrow fabric inspection machines for both woven and crochet elastic and rigid tapes, the machines are operator friendly and detect a wide range range of faults and defects.
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